Marketing Blogging – How to Create a Successful Blog Strategy: A Step-by-Step Guide

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What’s your opinion on blog posting and inbound marketing? Did marketers have a higher return of investment than those without blogging? In the last decade or so, businesses have increased revenues and brand awareness while increasing conversion rates and improving brand awareness. It should be a clear statement that your blogs are valuable.

Blog Marketing Strategy

whats your blog marketing strategy

Your blog marketing is an important part of your business strategy and may help you sell your products or services, but to get that done you have to market your website. A blogging campaign can help promote a blog website. Sadly this phrase is not applicable to blog postings as often as Field of Dreams. Your posts needs a marketing strategy that can do its intended purpose – that means driving traffic, converting visitors, increasing revenue, and promoting your brand as an expert. Can you list the easiest places for visitors to find your site? Can you list some interesting things that will attract people to read?

Promote your blog post

You may think your blog should become more accessible. In the context of your blogging plan that refers to how you can make your material visible to your audience. The internet is the only way for people who want a website promoted through marketing and social media. Some of our options below were discussed, but other forms of successful blog promotion involve influencer marketing. Make a free influence marketing guide available for free. Find out what influencers you’d like to talk to.

Always keep your buyer personas top of mind

If writing and running your blog, keep an eye on the customer personas. Tell me the ideal client list? What are their needs? Once you know this question in depth then you will determine buyer personas. Use the following templates to create your own Buyer Person. Once you have created an individual buyer persona you need to detail how they are and how they can be found and referenced in order to grow your company or blog. You should use this definition whenever writing a new website.

Decide where you’ll distribute your blog content

Ensure strategic placement of your blogs. Your blog posts are likely already shareable through your website. It is also easy for HubSpot to integrate your website or blog into its landing pages. Other means of distribution of the new content include social media like Facebook or LinkedIn and online publishing platform platforms. Alternatively, you can collaborate with leading influencers on your site or social profile.

Keep an eye on your competitors

If it comes to your competitors’ blogs, it is vital to watch these others in your business. Your competition could give insights to the best blogs in the world. It tells you a little more about what your company is trying to do and what you need to achieve in order for your readers to find something unique for your business. Create an outline for 5 – 7 competitor websites you can audit for content.

Perform SEO and keyword research

When you are asking people about your site you want them to see it. You need to find keywords that people will use to find the right blog posts and include them wherever they are naturally suitable. You can also significantly increase your search engines rankings if you perform a search engine optimization or keyword research in advance of creating your blog post.

Procedure blog marketing and advertising

A blogging site can be monetized via advertising. A bloggers write posts and provides writing support for a certain topic. Normally a user will book a piece which is paid to him. In the blog industry the blog marketing plan is typically first created in the first place. Blogs will be reviewed on a subject matter basis selected on the extent and influence of the blog. Specific topics are formulated and spread through blogging in countless articles. Bloggers often publish posts to make it possible for them to publish as authentically and accurately as possible. Ideally the blog should have a clear objective.

How Blog Marketing has impacted business and corporate arenas

Blogging is an online revolution that has influenced business success globally. It has proven that blogs engage people at several psycho-social levels. This blog marketing plan was inspired by the original blogger web pages. Weblogs are now called blogs and have become the internet. A recurring phenomenon for blogs is technological advances as opposed to evolution. They were triggered through the writing of online diary entries by individuals wishing to write websites. Before 1997 web development software had limited ability for the personalisation of blog platforms if required.

Blog Marketing History

With the rise of the Internet, blogs have evolved as a major part of web2.0’s growth. For instance, private people can publish their favourite stories with free web-based CMSs such as WordPress. Contrary to traditional newspaper blogs the blog posts are usually subjective compared to newspapers. This is also the strength of these articles, since they attract a large following of readers who understand the information. As blogging continued to evolve, many bloggers were rewarded by using advertisements through a link to a site such as Google Adsense.


Unbounce is a blog owned and operated by Unbounce which provides marketing tools for launching, converting, integrated, and optimizing landing pages. This site offers advice and resources on landing pages. This website provides science-based tips and practices in landing page design and development. Unbounce is where the most helpful information can help. 22 brutally truthful landing pages criticisms is my favourite post on Unbounce Blog. The article critiques 22 pages of a page and explains the problem and how it needs fixing.

Promote and grow your home business

The word blog comes as a combination of web and blogs, and this is eventually changed by “blog.” As the 1990 – 2000 years began blogging, it was mainly online diary, where people could write personal stories of their lives. They now include writing and media for subjects like news, politics, music, food, commerce, and more – and many of them even blogs. As many new resources appear, visionary companies saw blogs as a marketing tool and began to use them to give information to their clients and attract new business.

Content Marketing Institute (CMI)

Joe Pulizzi was the founder of CMI, which combines blog marketing with entrepreneurial writing. Almost every month content marketing institutes publish blog marketing and copywriting articles. Not only will there be content marketing guidelines or templates; they will also discuss current trends in this area and other topics. I really enjoy this blog post by Brody: 12 things that can be done after writing your own blog post. It has been around since the 2011.

Blog Marketing – A Short Explanation

Blog marketing can be defined as content marketing. It uses blogs to reach prospective customers individually and personally, and to achieve customer loyalty. It uses viral marketing techniques to create interest groups from blogs. Reader’s interactions with the new content producer, usually informative and enjoyable, will improve brand loyalty and identifyability potential. Bloggers work for certain businesses and promote the use of certain goods and services.


Marketo blog is a leading marketing blog whose articles on marketing are very helpful. The blog covers every type of marketing topic: automation, content marketing, modern marketing, lead management, advertising. Marketo has nothing else to offer you. Marketo blogs are very interesting as it categorises posts by the categories B2B and B2C which helps you to quickly find the right material. My favorites are: How to Engage content marketers.


Mirasee was established by Danny Iny in 2009. Mirasee provides a resource for businesses to change the world and to influence the audiences. That’s what you will find on his blog. It covers topics from business to audiences, digital marketing to case studies and other topics. I love these inspirational 10 lessons to reduce your debt. There’s no exact 7 figures, but the lessons will change your way of doing things.

What is blog marketing?

Blog marketing involves contacting a targeted audience through a blog. Originally business owners had separate web sites but you can easily connect them for easier operation. Many businesses are using blogs to create both websites and blogs on the Web based on WordPress. As blogging is becoming popular and easier for people to learn, many people are creating businesses by blogging alone. Food Blogs are also an individual business.


Buffer is more than just the best scheduling software on the Internet. On BUFF’s blog marketing you will read articles ranging from social media advertising to online advertising. A real joy in blogging with Buffer is its thorough and detailed blog entries. It will give you the chance to learn about some good Facebook and Twitter experiments that increased our site traffic by 241% in 8 months in total. I am glad to hear this!


bigcommerce website provides you latest content for your eCommerce needs. The blog provides regularly updated information on Ecommerce Design, Payment Processes, shipping and fulfillment, e-commerce marketing, and many others. For more information and news on e-Commerce please visit My favourite post is: Instagram shopping: Future of Mobile E-Commerce + 19 Tips for Increased Conversion Now.


GetApp has over 5200 applications for companies. This blog provides advice on best app marketing plugin, marketing software, and more. The GetApp Blog has articles on employees, businesses, customer engagement, sales, analytics, & more. There is a lot of information about apps on GetApp. The most important article for me was: What is Marketing Automation Software?


It was launched from Peep Laja as a conversion optimization platform containing articles, guides, tutorial videos and case studies for the purpose. If your business wants to increase the effectiveness of conversion optimization, you can subscribe to convertxl. I love to blog: How does it work in the beginning? This collection includes useful resources to help you with conversion.

John Doherty

The site was developed by John Doherty, an entrepreneurial, marketing and top-notch consultant. The most popular topics in John’s writing are SEO and content promoting. This blog offers exclusive case studies and the best contents on the Internet to read. He reads the best marketing articles every week. SEOs are Growth Hackers. Please see this article for more details.


Econsultancy provides information on ecommerce analytics and marketing strategies. The publication offers statistics and opinions about marketing and ecommerce. Econsultancy is an excellent way to get in the know of the latest trends in online shopping. How should Facebook target ad audiences to attract Asian Americans? If possible, you read it.

Get response

Get Response provides business email marketing automation and email marketing tools to improve sales and marketing. They write a blog which covers everything about marketing, productivity automation and email marketing. No one writes as efficiently for e-mail marketing as Get response. Is it possible in a video marketing campaign?


Do you have difficulty writing a copy? CopyBlogger is where we want it. BRAD CROWN and SEAN SILENCE are credited for writing this website. How can you become an effective blog writer? CopyBlogger’s favorite post: A copychecklist for enhancing all elements of a web copy. I hope this post helps you improve your copywriting skills.


It looks like incoming sales will fail without HubSpot. There is a vast Marketing and Sales blog where you can get data on inbound marketing. If there is nothing on other sites it will likely be on The State of Inbound 2016 was my favourite HubSpot report sharing millions of dollars of information on the Internet.

Social Media Examiner

Social media experts are not as good as the ones from social media examiner. They also do content marketing and social network marketing. Social Media Examiner offers the best tools in the field of marketing for marketers. I love this blog from Social Media Examiner: Facebook marketing essentials: an exhaustive guide.


In 2018, Lars Lofgren and Corry Cummings acquired Quick Sprout to expand its scope. QuickSprout is a website by Neil Patel that provides tips on digital marketing with a focus on traffic generation. If you read QuickSprout regularly, it is certain your website traffic will disappear from your mind. My favourite pieces of content are all about online marketing. I hope this guide has been helpful.

AdWords Now Google Ads

Google’s official website for advertising on Google Adwords. Provides information and tips on Adwords. If you see some interesting posts, you will not see much more. Whenever you use AdWords you’ll never be regretting it! A recent article: A quick start in 2017 for click-to-call advertising.


9Clouds is an e-commerce site with a lot of content. Obviously there’s a lot on marketing, but since 9Clouds is an automotive platform, the majority of its articles mainly focus on the automotive sector. I like this one! Excerpts from the 2016 automotive market statistics report.


GetFeedback offers survey online. Provide informative articles focusing on customer experiences and data collection. The GetFeedback website provides some excellent articles on collecting information for consumer surveys. How can one improve customer retention by giving feedback?

Marie Forleo

Marketers are in many cases looking for motivation and guidance. Marie Forleo offers an online resource to change your lives. Let’s go on the journey with Marie in the following vlog about coping with loneliness.

The pros of blog marketing

They create valuable content that draws people back and offers an easy way to interact with customers or companies. There’s also some additional advantages.

Can blogging be used in marketing?

Blogging is an advertising strategy used to promote a website. A website or e-commerce website can be an effective marketing tool that supports business growth.

How do I create a marketing blog?

If you’re passionate about marketing and want to share your insights with the world, starting a marketing blog is a great way to do it. But what’s the best way to get started? Below are a few tips to help you create a successful marketing blog:

  • Publish high-quality content on a regular basis. Consistency is key when it comes to blogging, so make sure to publish new posts on a regular basis. This will not only keep your readers coming back for more, but it will also help attract new readers.
  • Take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO). When it comes to getting your blog seen by as many people as possible, SEO is key. Make sure to use relevant keywords throughout your posts and promote your blog on social media.
  • Find your niche. There are millions of blogs out there, so it’s important to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Figure out what you’re passionate about and focus your content around that. This will make your blog more engaging for readers and help you build a loyal following.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a successful marketing blog that will reach a wide audience. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

What is the best marketing blog?

There are a lot of marketing blogs out there, but not all of them are created equal. If you’re looking for the best of the best, then you need to check out MOZ. Moz has been the leading website and resource for SEO training for a number of years, starting with cofounder Rand Fishkin, starting his SEO blog himself. This is a top-notch resource for marketing professionals of all levels of experience. From beginner tips to cutting-edge strategies, HubSpot has something for everyone. And because it’s written by some of the most respected names in the industry, you can be sure that everything you read is accurate and up-to-date. So if you’re serious about marketing, make sure you bookmark Orbit Media – it’s the best marketing blog out there.

Is blogging a part of digital marketing?

Yes, blogging is a part of digital marketing. In fact, it’s arguably one of the most important aspects. That’s because blogging gives businesses the opportunity to publish content that helps to build their brand and showcase their expertise. And by sharing that content on social media, businesses can reach a larger audience and drive traffic back to their website.

How do I create a blog marketing?

Blog marketing is all about creating content that is relevant to your target audience and that provides value. You’ll want to think about what topics you can cover that will be of interest to your readers, and then find ways to share your content in a way that will reach as many people as possible.

You can also use social media, email marketing, and other online tools to help spread the word about your blog and attract more readers. And don’t forget to experiment with different strategies until you find what works best for you. The key is to be creative and consistent with your content, and you’ll start seeing results in no time.

How should I start my own website? Pick a topic or purpose to post/promote on the website/blog. Register to blog. Build the website. Decide the person writing and managing your blog. Set a daily schedule for posting your articles in your blogs. Make good content. Including the CTAs. Start blogging.

What is a blog strategy?

Your blogging strategy is more of a map to the way to accomplish your blogging goals. Your blog strategy can cover a variety of areas.

How do blogs help marketing?

By increasing the number of visitors to your blog, you increase your visibility on the website and improve your page ranking. How can I build and maintain an effective website?

Is HubSpot good for blogs?

It is possible to report on blogs using HubSpot. You can achieve measurable results with Hubspot dashboards in a variety of reporting modes. You have a chance to find an internal link.

Can I write blogs on HubSpot?

Writing, formatting and editing a website is quick and easy. Create content using HubSpot editor on your site. Quick upload images in a graphical interface. All blog articles are automatically optimized to be accessible to smartphones.

Is HubSpot blog free?

HubSpot’s blog is free to read, and it’s a great resource for digital marketing tips. However, if you want to get the most out of HubSpot’s blog, you’ll need to upgrade to one of HubSpot’s paid plans. With a paid plan, you’ll have access to HubSpot’s full suite of marketing tools, which will help you grow your business online.

What is blog marketing strategy?

Blog marketing refers to content marketing. A blog is a strategy for reaching potential customers personally and ensuring that the customers are genuinely loyal to their brands. It primarily employs viral marketing methods where interested groups are formed on blogs.

How do I create a marketing strategy for my blog?

How can I develop and improve my blogging content? Tell me the purpose. Perform targeted market analysis. Give us topic suggestions and targeted keywords. Create content editorial calendar. Develop incredible content.

Why blogging is a good marketing strategy?

It produces long-term gains. Best Business blogs address common customer questions that they ask them. If you consistently write posts for your target market it establishes you as your industry leaders and authoritative.

What are the 4 types of marketing strategies?

The 4 types of marketing strategies are product promotion, pricing, placement, and people.

  1. Product promotion is the process of creating awareness and interest in a product or service. It includes advertising, public relations, and sales promotion.
  2. Pricing is the determination of how much to charge for a product or service.
  3. Placement is the decision about where to offer a product or service for sale.
  4. People are the most important element of any marketing strategy because they are the ones who buy products and services. Marketers must understand what motivates people to buy so that they can create persuasive messages that will influence them to purchase.’

How do you market a product blog?

By creating blog posts that are interesting, informative, and valuable to your target audience.

Begin by understanding who your target audience is and what they’re interested in. Then think about the topics that would be most relevant to them and create blog posts around those topics. Be sure to include plenty of helpful information and use keywords and phrases that your target audience is likely to search for online.

In addition, make sure to use social media to share your blog posts with as many people as possible. And don’t forget to promote your content through email marketing and other digital channels. If you put in the effort, you’ll soon see a noticeable increase in traffic to your blog.

How can I increase my website traffic by blogging? Create tutorials for your business or product.

  • Talk about upcoming product launches.
  • Highlight the best customers in the industry.
  • Writing blogs.
  • Guest posts.
  • Comments about other websites.
  • Optimizing the content of the website.
  • Give a Share button under a blog post.

FAQs on Marketing Blogging

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